Paintings 2009-2014

In Part Sequence (Blue, Orange, Whites) Diptych

In Part Sequence (Terre Verde, Orange, Yellow) Diptych

In Part Diptych (Terre Verde, Yellow, Orange)

In Part (Gesso, Blue, Yellow)

In Part (Terre Verde, Blue, Yellow)

In Part (Red, White)

Not Titled Study

In Part (Yellow, Black, Primer)

Stacked Painting in Two Parts (Orange, Green, Yellow, White)

Two Part Painting (Terre Verde, Blue, White, Gesso) Diptych

Stacked Painting in Four Parts (Whites, Greys, Blues, Yellows)

Sequence (Blue, Black Roma)

Not Titled (Yellow, Cream, Roma)

Not Titled (Diagonals with Linen)

Not Titled (Multiple Diagonals)

Not Titled (Pink Fan)

Not Titled Fan

Not Titled ZigZag

Not Titled (Three Pyramids)

Not Titled (Yellow Diagonals)

Not Titled (Orange Diagonals)

Not Titled (Tondo with Greys)

Not Titled (Green, Grey, Yellow Bands, Homage to GM)

Solvay Bands

Green and Orange Bands (Homage to GM)

Not Titled (Tondo with Linen)

Not Titled (Red Tondo)

Not Titled (Yellow Tondo)

Installed paintings

Diptych with Zig Zags

Not Titled (Diagonals in Yellow Bands)

Not Titled (Diagonals in Dark Bands)

Installed paintings

Installed paintings

Installed paintings

Tondo with Linen

Untitled (Pyramid)

Untitled (Corner)


Not Titled (Orange Fan )


Corner with Black and Greys

Untitled (Private collection UK)

Diptych (Window)